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Ask us about foam insulation in the Coos Bay, OR area

While standard fiberglass batts are useful for insulating large areas between wall studs, what happens when you have small cracks or spaces that need to be filled? Foam insulation expands to fit any space, making it the superior choice. Reach out to Mextxem for foam insulation installation in the Coos Bay, OR area.

Foam insulation can even be used to insulate boats and other oddly shaped or awkward areas. We're a fully licensed and bonded foam-certified contractor in the state of Oregon.

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What are the major benefits of foam insulation installation?

Foam insulation has a range of benefits over traditional fiberglass or cellulose. Choose a foam insulation installation to take advantage of:

  • R-values twice that of fiberglass insulation
  • Superior air and moisture protection
  • Energy savings up to 50% better than other materials
  • Extreme durability

Certain varieties of foam insulation are also the most popular choice for blocking outside noise. Speak with us today to learn more about our affordable rates on foam insulation services.