Foam Roofing Services Coos Bay, OR

Fortify Your Roofing System

Install spray foam roofing on your property in Coos Bay, OR

Even if you already have a professionally installed metal, shingle or composite roofing system, did you know you can increase its performance with injectable foam? Mextxem provides spray foam roofing services throughout the Coos Bay, OR area. Use our foam roofing installation to gain peace of mind in even the worst weather conditions.

Give your roof an extra layer of protection. Call us today to schedule our foam roofing installation services.


How can spray foam improve your roofing system?

Most roofing systems, no matter how well they're installed, will have small gaps between the roofing material and insulation underneath. Our spray foam roofing services will:

  • Increase energy efficiency to lower utility bills
  • Add extra protection against leaks and moisture damage
  • Cost far less than a roof replacement

Before you hire a roofing contractor to tear off your old roof entirely, consider the benefits of an additional spray foam layer. It has the highest insulation value of any other roofing material on the market.