About Mextxem Aviation

Do not expect a large corporation, we are a small
group of Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) that have
combined our years of instruction experience to
assist people to get their pilot certificates in the least
amount of time.   We are located at various parts of the
West Coast of the United States.  Due to the variety of
flight experiences the areas offer, we provide a
complete training program taking you to many
airports with unique configurations and challenges.

This experience makes you ready to fly into the most
complex and simple airports you may encounter in
the United States.  In addition to you standard
training, we provide you with introductions to unique
aviation businesses.  If you have not passed you
written you may inquire about our one on one
instruction for your written.  

Prior to the start of training, our clients are interviewed
to find out the level of training necessary to complete
their certificate in the least amount of time.  We use
both simulators with live ATC and in the airplane flight
training to give our students quality experience and
training towards rapid completion of their Private Pilot
Certificate or Instrument Rating.  

We train with the equipment in your airplane.  In
addition to being proficient to passing the Federal
Aviation Administration's (FAA) scenario based
practical test standards, you will be proficient in the
use of all avionics in your airplanes.  When conditions
allow, you train in a variety of weather conditions with
your instructor.  Nothing can better than having the
experience of being in the real world conditions.

Started your training but never finished

We start you from were you are.  Our initial interview
allows us to determine what training is necessary to
complete your certificate.  We tailor your training to
your needs.

Once you have earned you Private Pilot Certificate
you can complete the Drone Training and one of our
instructors can assist in issuing you a Remote Pilot
Certificate otherwise know as a Drone Certificate.   

Our courses are block based.  You move to the next
level when you have mastered the present level.

Private Pilot Training Cost and Schedule

$585 per day.   Training needs differ from pilot to pilot.  
The intense nature of our courses often allow our
student to complete their training in fewer days.  Our
daily charge for training allows our students and
instructors for focus on the training.  When training in
your airplane, our instructors must be added to your
insurance as additional insured, the client provides
accommodations at a clean safe hotel they are familiar
with, ground transportation (which can be an
company car, extra family car, or Uber account where

$1,500.00 deposit secures you on our schedule.  The
balance is due one week prior to the start of your
training.  Payments are not refundable; however, they
may be applied to training for up to one year.

Clients without aircraft can rent from our contract
aircraft, contact us for details.


North Bend, OR
Lincoln, CA
Hayward, CA
San Joaquin County, CA

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*Medical Third Class or better.
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